Two Sisters Dry Skin Cream!  ***BEST SELLER***

Two Sisters Dry Skin Cream! ***BEST SELLER***

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Two Sisters Dry Skin Cream is enriched with natural oils that gently soothes and moisturizes your dry, irritated skin.  
  • Each ingredient was carefully selected for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. 

    •  Rich coconut and olive oil to soothe and moisturize the driest of skins.
    •  Vitamin E and  Helichrysum oil to help promote the skins' natural healing   process.
    •  Juniper, arrowroot, lavender, and geranium oil help soothe irritated skin with  their antibacterial properties.
    •  Frankincense oil to infuse your skin with moisture and a light scent

    This tiny helper provides relief to minor burns, rashes, bites, and chapped skin.