Multi Stone Faceted Marcasite Ring!

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Oxidized silver vintage multi ring with faceted amethyst, blue topaz, citrine and prong-set marcasite, sizes 6-7-8 available special order for half-sizes.

Uruguay and Brazil are large world producers of amethyst.

The topaz is found and mined in various places such as Japan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil and Sri Lanka.

Although citrine can be found all around the world, Brazil is the world's leading supplier.

Marcasite became popular in the early 1900’s when diamonds were a luxury people couldn’t afford anymore.

Prong setting uses four metal projections called prongs in the placement of each marcasite.  This type of setting allows light to strike the marcasite from more angles, increasing its brilliance.

Oxidation is a surface treatment applied to the silver which gives the jewellery its retro quality.

Due to the thickness of the band and width it is best to order the next size up.

Widthis 12-13mm.