Monsillage Perfume! Ipanema Posto Nove!

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Monsillage is an award winning perfumery based in Montreal.  Isabelle Michaud studied the art of perfumery in Paris and we are pleased to offer you a small collection in our boutique.


It is following Isabelle’s discovery of the orchid sanctuary at the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden that the idea for this perfume first sprung in her mind. In perfumery, the orchid is synonymous with femininity and voluptuousness and is expressed through an exotic floral note composed of jasmine, rose, clove and milky coconut. To this main core, she added a soft violet note, whose green and watery character comes together well with the freshness of rosewood, mandarin and sweet fern to suggest the Brazilian coastline. The base note contains a rich patchouli, an aerial cedar and a touch of incense in honour of the Cristo who, way up on the Corcovado, watches over this city of gods.

7.5ml. Purse size!