BZen Meditation Ring Bracelet In White Dendrite Opals!

BZen Meditation Ring Bracelet In White Dendrite Opals!

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This bracelet is elasticized and made very well by me.  Metal is sterling silver with a gold accent.The faceted stones are 8MM in size.  Perfect for him or her.


Dendritic Opal comes from the mines of New Mexico. It is recognized by it’s blend of white quartz with the insertions of the dark, depending on the each extracted gem jewel. Merlinite which is often termed as Dendritic Opal is known to contain the inclusions that resemble a leaf. The dark tone in the Moss Opal is due to the presence of manganese oxide. The splendid sensations of this jewel gem tend to promote spiritual growth as well. It is whispered to blend the energies of the heavenly universe with the mother Earth, which further helps its carrier to open up. It is further predisposed to posses the vibrations of the duality that helps its carrier to embrace the beauty of the moments lived. It is moreover believed to balance both yin/yang energies to understand better the concept of the divine creation. It is likewise celebrated to resound within the third eye chakra which in the spell of life helps its carrier to attain the spiritual self as good as lead self on the path of spiritualism. 

Please dm me with any special sizing request.

Made in Aurora, Ontario.

Made in Canada.