If the answer is yes, then the beginning of each season is a great time to edit your closet.  This will also help you decide too what items you need to update your wardrobe with for the upcoming season; it may be a new coat or a new sweater or  a new handbag.   So where do you start and what do you with those items you no longer need or want?

I go by the two to three year rule.  If I haven’t worn it in that time period then it’s gone.  I have to say it’s usually items I bought on the cheap, or an impulse buy or I just settled on an item when I couldn’t find what I really wanted.  Does that sound like you?  Hands up too if you’re holding onto things that are decades old, they don’t fit anymore yet they have sentimental attachments.  I say if they make you happy and bring back wonderful memories, then there’s nothing wrong with holding onto them.


  • Let’s start with your accessories and in particularly your scarves!  Scarves have come a long way and have really become an extension of your wardrobe.  They’re bigger in size, bolder and can make a statement all on themselves.  If you kept all your scarves from decades ago, you will probably find that they are a lot smaller than what you see now, so if they look dated and the fabrics look tired, it’s really time to say goodbye.
  • Next you want to start on your clothes and the easiest way to start is to group them into categories, eg: blouses, tshirts, jackets, pants etc.  You can decide what you want to tackle first.  Using my two to three year rule, it should be easy to go through and edit out those items you no longer have worn or want to wear.  This may take a few days depending on how much time you have!  Set aside all those items you want to discard into two piles: 1.  Items that still fit and 2. those that don’t.
  • Now once you’ve gone through your clothes and scarves let’s look at your pile of items that still fit.  It’s worth revisiting that pile as there maybe items that can be restyled like a suit jacket.  Take a white shirt or t-shirt add a pair of jeans and throw on that jacket.  If you’re lucky and creative you may just have found a new use for that item of clothing.  
  • This may be a task you find really overwhelming yet you know it needs to be done and doing it in pint sized portions and breaking the categories up will help tremendously.  Starting small is the best policy and there’s nothing wrong with having a trusted friend over to help you or hiring a wardrobe consultant.  
  • You may have noticed I haven‘t talked about jewellery.  I have never parted with any of my jewellery.  Your jewellery always tells stories!  You could probably pick up a piece and remember where and when and who purchased it for you.  Only you can decide if it have any value to you.  I’ve collected vintage jewellery too so if you have pieces that are signed on the back, definitely keep it.  

Once you’ve gathered your pieces that you wish to say goodbye too, there are many ways you can part with them.  

1. You can resell them in a second hand shop if they are still good and of significant value (I’ll assume these are items that don’t fit anymore).

 2.  Donate them to a worthy charity.  I have used Dress For Success, which helps women in need get back into the work force.  Also for handbags there is the Elizabeth Fry foundation and others that are similar.

Now you are ready to freshen up your wardrobe with new and exciting pieces!

Happy editing!



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