Wrendale Tin!

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This round canister is perfect for tea, coffee or biscuits. The metal canister has an airtight lid, is green and white in colour and has a matt finish. It would brighten any kitchen, especially a country style one, and makes a lovely housewarming or birthday gift.

The outside of the canister features illustrations of animals from the award winning Country Set range. A hare sits on the ground, chewing some stems of grass. A slightly dishevelled Tawny Owl stands with ruffled feathers, some flying around him. A duck with widespread wings, a little lopsided as if he has just made a crash landing. The images are painted in soft hues, in the signature watercolour style of Wrendale designer Hannah Dale. 

The lid of the canister features the same duck from the exterior in a circular frame. Upon opening the tin you will see that the beautiful illustrations continue inside with the underside of the lid featuring an adorable duckling with a quizzical expression. His tiny wings are spread to help him balance, and his webbed feet slightly turned in.

The interior of the canister is light green and there is a border around the inside which shows a mother and father duck strolling along with their new ducklings. The bottom of the tin has an illustration of the tawny owl in mid strut, surrounded by the soft speckling which is featured throughout this delightful series.

A lovely canister of an ideal size, perfect for a multitude of uses, this tin is sure to take pride of place in your kitchen or wherever you choose to display it.

The Country Set
This delightful range is inspired by the unique animal characters seen in the British countryside, farmyard and home. The design is taken from an original artwork by Hannah Dale of Wrendale Designs. Each image is delicately painted with soft brushwork, subtle colours and paint spatters which are the trademarks of her style. Hannah is an ex-stockbroker turned farmer’s wife who, inspired by her rural married life, embraced her artistic roots and began painting the animals in the landscape around her.