Organic Cotton Blossom Scarf!

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La dolce Vita: The "Terra" trend symbolises rural, "hand-made" Italy. Slow food, sustainable agrotourism, a homage to the gifts of nature. Like our watercolour almond blossoms, which create a cosy atmosphere at first glance. Delicate shades of rosé and lavender dominate the colours. Terra also represents the FRAAS Sustainability Collection. True to the motto "Good for you. Good for our planet." FRAAS combines recycled and sustainable qualities with consistent CO2 offsetting. All unavoidable emissions of this line are 100 percent offset by investments in international climate protection projects that demonstrably save greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment. Our airy stole is made of pure organic cotton. Organic cotton is not only grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, but also saves many chemicals during further processing.