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Getting ready to travel is always exciting. But packing for your trip and determining which bags and luggage your going to take with you can be daunting and a source of pre-vacation stress. 

You're not alone. 

 I often get curious clients wondering:

  1.  What bags and luggage will be functional on their trip 
  2. What size of bag they’re allowed or not allowed to bring on a plane.
  3. What type of bag will accommodate all of the things they need to store inside. 

That’s why we now carry Lug at The Story of Love.

What I love about the Lug line is that it has something to fit everyone's travel needs - from blanket pillows to wheelies! Two of my favourite items, that to me are essentials, are the Cargo packing squares and the Hatchback backpack. Other than my other Lug items that I travel with, these two are an absolute must. 

The Hatchback Backpack

Pictured below is the Hatchback backpack – photographed during my trip to The Truro Vineyards in Cape Cod. This is my favourite bag to travel with, and it’s truly one of the best bags I've ever used.

The Hatchback Backpack

It’s so well thought out! 

My favourite features: 

  1. It's slim in size, has three zipper pockets on the front, and two compartments in the back. 
  2. You'll be amazed at what it can hold. I can store my iPhone, iPad, my large Louis Vuitton wallet, my kuboraum and Prada sunglass cases, two Nars lipsticks, dental floss, a small notepad, a large hoodie, plus some smaller incidentals. It’s like magic!
  3. It's durable and washable! 
  4. It’s ready for any occasion. It’s perfect for work, day trips, or vacations. Mine has been to London, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Cape Cod, New York City, and also to the numerous concerts I've gone to!

Cargo Packing Squares

The Cargo packing squares are my other travelling essential. Not only do the squares keep you organized, but they also protect your clothes from bugs and dust. 

Cargo Packing Squares

I love them because I know exactly what's in each square and I don't have to rummage through my clothes just to get one item. I just grab the right package and voila! For example, I use the smallest square for my underwear and the largest for my jeans. 

These packing tools are great for any trip, especially camping! They also make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person who loves to travel and explore the outdoors! 


With love,

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