Jerry Hall 80’s

If you were around in the Eighties you’d definitely remember how popular gold accessories were, from those huge gold earrings to those Chanel like chains!  We wore them all and the bigger the better LOL!

Then the Nineties happened!  Gold really fell out of popularity when the influence of 90’s Grunge took over the airwaves and runways.  Clothing became more casual and wearing suits to work almost became a thing of the past.  You certainly didn’t go to the clubs or bars in the 90’s wearing gold accessories like Madonna.  The music scene that exploded out of Seattle dictated how we looked and dressed so much so that gold became unfashionable.  Grunge was about street style and gold had no place in our wardrobes. 


90’s Grunge


Over the last two decades, gold as a colour has struggled to make a comeback as a go to accessory but over the last year I’ve seen that change and I predict 2019 will be it’s strongest showing to date.  The Spring 2019 Runway Shows were so elegant, pretty, ultra feminine and guess what....suit dressing is back!  Could it be a coincidence?  I think not.  I’ll definitely will be bringing more gold jewellery in for Spring 2019 so stay tuned!


Valentino Spring 2019Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2019Gucci Spring 2019Versace Spring 2019


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